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Energy 900

One device, five highly specialized treatments that target and reduce the major signs of aging, for outstanding results that are visible as of the very first session.

Kinelase: Local Light Energy + Micro-currents

The Kinelase function combines LEDs, and Micro-currents to reduce fine lines and wrinkles’ appearance. It can be used alone, for preventive treatments, or in combination with the other Energy 900 functions, for a deep relaxing effect.

Kinelift: Local Photo-treatment + Micro-currents

Non-invasive skin treatment Kinelift treatment heads are exclusive to Silhouet-Tone: Ingenious design allows for easy positioning as they do not have to be on the attachment or anchoring points of the muscles. For successful, non surgical facelift effect every time.LEDs:

       Amazing Result!

  • Improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Improving pores’ appearance

  • Producing immediate results and long-term benefits

  • Improve the quality of the micromassage;

  • Microcurrents: Surgery-free Lifting

  • Improve the appearence of the the skin;

  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles;

  • Visible results as of the first session

  • Kineson: Ultra-vibrations

  • Delivers a beneficial and energizing micro-massage;

  • Facilitate the application of active antioxidants and leave the face looking radiant.

  • Purelight B: Local Photo-treatment

  • These LEDs leave the skin feeling soothed and purified:

  • Provides a  bactericidal effect

  • Purelight G: Local Photobiostimulation

  • These LEDs target melanocytes of the epidermis and hyperpigmentation:

  • By having a photo-lightening effect on superficial pigmentation;

  • Reduces the appearance of redness.

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